VSAM Modernization

Within many Mainframe shops, organizational data is held in the so-called VSAM (Virtual storage access method) files. Retrieving and updating data stored in VSAM is not as efficient as using relational database systems. Switching is sometimes the optimal solution.

VSAM is a Data Management method used to organize, store, catalog, retrieve and delete the datasets in mainframe system


VSAM datasets require more storage space compared to other type of datasets due to Control Information (CI) present in them.

  • VSAM can't be stored in large TAPE libraries
  • We can't browse, view, edit the VSAM datasets
  • As the number of trained VSAM professionals diminishes
  • Most of all, modern operating systems and applications are not been designed for accessing or changing VSAM.

v2r_tThere is one solution; transferring the data into a relational database, whilst retaining the application logic through the use of an interpreter/gateway layer.

This results in an improved availability of data and greater ease of integration of other features and products.

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