At HTWC, we are aware that our products and services are components on the overall modernization roadmap of organizations’ IT environments.
Our structure is designed to provide;

  • End 2 End services and products to our clients in regions where we operate a direct model
  • B2B services and modernization suite to our partners in regions where we operate an indirect model.

HTWC’s employs its expertise and experience, customizing modernization roadmaps to suit the exact needs of each of our clients and those of our partners. To do this we have built a highly diversified yet compact organization geared towards to technical, procedural and commercial consultation and implementation of carefully designed modernization roadmaps.

1. Partecipation in the Creation of the Modernization Roadmap

The first step is the provision of a qualified consultation with regards to the modernization roadmap. Doing what is right for the customer and when it is right entails the consideration of many current and future parameters. Our senior sales managers have a long term view on their relationship with our clients acknowledging today's business is the sale's pitch of tomorrow.

2. Feasibility Study

Being acutely aware of the benefits of Modernization, and in particular the financial regards, we at HTWC are equipped with the knowledge, tools and process to conduct a financial feasibility study for our clients be it over 1 or many modernization projects. Our clients have found this information extremely useful for their own planning and indeed has supported the approval process to pursue the modernization roadmap laid down by HTWC


3. Project management

Through the continuous development and refining of our suite of products, tools and methodologies, HTWC ensures a large percentage of project is conducted automatically and very quickly, freeing the large part of project resources for quality assurance measures. Our project management methodology prescribes a the handover to our service team after the modernized solution has already been commissioned. 

4. Support

Our support organization is designed to provide our partners and clients with the support levels required to ensure a speedy routing, prioritization, and addressing of  any issues arising in accordance with our Service Level Agreements.