XFRAME - Mainframe Modernization Suite

XFAME Rehosting PlatformXFRAME is a software designed and developed by HTWC. XFRAME represents the most complete Online & Batch Runtime Environment of z/OS, VSE and BS2000 on Linux, UNIX, Windows and zLinux for production and development/test environments.

Effectively, XFRAME recreates your entire Mainframe, and enables the decoupling from its legacy operating system for plugging into leaner, more efficient, therefore cost effective operating systems and hardware. This results in lower license, maintenance and energy operating costs, to the tune of between 50% and 80%.

xframe-platform-modernizationIn parallel, your applications and databases are modernized, creating an environment open for application development or integration of turnkey solutions. This results in an exponential increase in developer productivity, at lower costs hence significantly raising the profile of IT organizations as major contributors to organization strategy.

XFRAME Mainframe Modernization Suite implementations are subject to negligible impact on daily operations, and all current application logic and workflow require no changes.


XCICS/TS® - XCICS/XIMS is a high-performance transaction, native processing system for Windows, UNIX, Linux and zLinux platforms. XCICS is specially designed to manage application-based resources such as programs, transactions, files, queues, screens, and terminals.XIMS allows original IMS/DC programs to run unchanged in the XCICS environment. This makes it possible to use the powerful XCICS transaction monitor to control both IMS and CICS applications.

XVSAM® is a full VSAM emulation layer, supporting KSDS, ESDS and RSDS files providing transaction, restart and AIM recovery features. Batch programs can access XVSAM directly, offering the same functionality as the mainframe.

XEBE® is a high performance batch transaction engine for JCL batch applications. This includes the XJCONV conversion utility for automatically generating one-to-one batch scripts in the host operation system.

XBM® (XFRAME Batch Manager) is a cross-platform software solution to control, schedule and supply facilities for scripts execution. XBM is designed to avoid conflicts in JCL executions in the new systems, and to supply the some features, that system cannot supply without a big programming effort in scripts. XBM is the ideal add-on for the XFRAME Batch Environment, because it is designed to handle re-hosted applications, reproducing by default some of the MVS/JES2 and VSE/POWER features. XBM provides execution engines (AKA initiators or partitions) to enable parallel job executions.

XSORT® A full featured, high performance sort utility that works with XVSAM and other files. It accepts the same input data cards as IBM DFSORT, offering seamless compatibility providing features like INCLUDE, OMIT, FIELDS, OUTREC.

XSPOOL® provides additional functionality and flexibility. Through the XSPOOL batch interface, programs may send their printouts to the XSPOOL repository. Once there, remote users may connect to the XSPOOL web interface with a standard browser and navigate, search and view their own printouts. Using the web interface, users can also change printout characteristics and print them globally or partially.

XTND® can be run embedded in the XCICS region or as standalone service. When it is embedded in the region, it only serves the region itself. When it runs standalone it can be executed on the same system running the XCICS application or on another system; in this case each instance may handle one or more XCICS regions. When a terminal emulator connects XTND a terminal identifier is assigned to the session and a connection with the defined XCICS application is established. From this moment on the terminal emulator starts working with XCICS. The assigned terminal identifier corresponds to the physical name of a terminal entry defined in the XCICS TCT (define terminal).

XSDF® is the graphical tool to manage BMS maps (integrated in XUC).

XUC® XFRAME Unified Console to control XCICS, XVSAM, etc. and more.

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