Become a Partner

Over the past few years, HTWC has conceptualized and refined its partner region go to market model, targeting able specialists who are keen to add a valuable product and partner to their own portfolio. Our partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship. A program provides defined requirements and benefits to you as a valued partner, where you can grow your business with access to our global network and also growing your customer base.

At HTWC, we continuously strive to build strong relationships with different industry leaders cross sectors and with integration of technology partners to deliver best provided solution . We look for partners who can complement our business and provide maximum value to our customers base with set of products and services to deliver and complete solutions for delivery that provide a real value for the customer.

HTWC's partner Benefit program
Our Partner Benefit Program is designed to help you create opportunities to grow your business. It provides training and enablement, technical support, software benefits, sales and marketing tools, and a range of other exclusive benefits available through our partner program.

Overall additional benefits for our partners are:

  • Additional key solution and service to your existing portfolio
  • Address new segments of the existing or new market portfolio with HTWC technology and solution.
  • Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of modernization activities, from sales and technical aspects
  • Give your existing portfolio a follow up with a range of new aftermarket products and services
  • Create long term relationships with your clients
  • Gain privilege of collecting Know how from specialized knowledge sharing forums and different level of trainings
  • Partner Benefit Program, which gives you access to special conditions that improves your business growth

Who can become a partner?

Channel Partners
Qualified applicants to the Channel Partner Program are resellers of software and/or hardware.

Technology Partners
Qualified applicants include hardware and software vendors interested in integrating and/or testing their solutions with software. Also consider the benefits of this program if you are a HW vendor, systems integrator, independent software vendor, or other type of technology provider that can contribute and want to join our team.

How to apply
To find out more about our partner program please read our partner profile introduction or indeed complete the become a partner form.

A partner team representative will contact you.