XFRAME Dashboard Monitoring Console

XCICS monitoring collects data about the performance of  XCICS supplied transactions during online processing for later offline analysis.

The records produced by XCICS monitoring are stored in a MySql database to apply and extract data with BI software also.

 XCICS Monitoring handle different parameter of XCICS healt.

Performance data is detailed transaction-level information, such as the processor and elapsed time for a transaction, or the time spent waiting for I/O.

XCICS writes at least one performance record for each transaction that is being monitored.

Administrator can follow a single transaction to understand the flow and over cpu work.

All XCICS table can be show, and the main console is realtime updated.

Single XCICS can be monitored following the main important parameters, such us CPU, RAM, transaction queue, terminals and average response.

User can see all XCICS abend-code, each abend code is written into a database.

A simple graph show the workload of XCICS engines with transaction name that consumed resources.

Exception data provides information about exceptional conditions suffered by a transaction, such as queuing, or waiting for execution.

This data are written in a database, and alarm can hadle this.