H2R - IMS/DB to Relational Database

H2R Hierarchical to Relational Database LogoH2R (Hierarchical to Relational) is a tool that facilitates the transformation of data  from hierarchical data structures such as IMS/DB to RDBMS such as SQL, DB2 and Oracle.

Data transformation and target environment definition. H2R is equipped with a powerful analyzer to perform the  automated data migration. The analyzer collects all the necessary information from hierarchical data structures, allowing H2R to generate a set of import programs for the relational database.
These programs resolve differences between source and target databases, such as data coding, field type, redefines, dirty fields, and more. If necessary, import programs allow you to retain specified fields when moving from an EBCDIC to an ASCII environment, maintaining the same processing sequence. without any changes to applications or business logic.

The H2R suite is divided into two main components: the Transformation tool and the H2R Gateway.
The transformation engages various proprietary various tools, which are necessary for the transformation of the IMS/DB data to DB2.

The tools enable the analysis of the IMD/DB data across automated and file configured functions, thus generating the objects required for the creation of the new database, DB2.

One hierarchical segment, corresponds to a new RDBMS dataset, and the traced records, defines each new column of the same segment.

The Gateway consists of approximately 10 modules written in COBOL and recompiled for the target Mainframe, including some assembler modules. 
The gateway is used for communication between the user applications and the system in question. It is capable of mapping the data and the access to the relational database to retrieve information for the user programs in the same way as in the IMS/DB original.

In order to leave unchanged the user interface, two different modules, with specific aims, are provided:

  • Standard entry points: this modules, having the same name as the IBM DB/DC standard entry point (CBLTDLI, PLITDLI), handle the parameters list prepared by the user program, and normalize it for the H2R kernel calls.
  • High Level Program Interface (HLPI): this module automatically transforms all EXEC DLI statements into the corresponding Call-Level request, as expected by the standard entry point module.

Although the data structure and architecture are completely different between IMS/DB (DL/1) and Oracle or DB2, performances of migrated applications are normally as good as previous.
H2R is currently available on the following platforms: Unix, Windows, Linux, zLinux.

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