ICON - Legacy Application Assessments

Ilogo_iconCON is a suite of integrated tools and methodologies designed for the "bottom up" and "top down" assessments of legacy applications.

ICON is an application which conducts powerful automatic code analysis, to determine application structures and inventories, database and file inventory, to estimate software complexity, and to correct or modify software elements with new generation editors.

ICON parses applications  and stores the information in an easy to access SQL Repository using Oracle, MySQL or MS Access.  The business intelligence layer provides a holstic set of KPIs and reports, enabling users to conduct detailed application assessments. 

The applications scans the software items (i.e. program, copybooks, JCL, etc.) and then stores the information in the ICON repository.

ICON SoftwareIn essence, ICON is divided into three main modules:

1. The settings module is a user friendly interface which enables the setting of customization parameters, thus increasing the relevance of the measurements to be carried out. Also the user and batch commands editors, can be set up. Examples of parameters set, deal with the company and sector which the IT organization.

2. The building module initially creates an inventory repository of all applications, which are then individually read and analyzed, creating a repository of relevant object data.

Such data includes; field definitions, Instructions, Interdependencies, missing objects, redundant objects, syntax errors and indeed the complexity of the software.

The on board Parser, updates the respository as changes occur. This also entails troubleshooting facilities, enabling the user to analyse and address any errors detected in the software for example, the identification of missing objects.

3. The browsing module enables the client to view and analyze the data collected. The module enables analysis at several different levels of granularity from high level graphical illustrations, through to in depth detailed analysis of individual code objects.

With an exhaustive set of GUI controls users navigate the software and/or perform a complex research and an analysis on the code.

An example of an ICON window displaying a variety of views;

  • the logical flow of a program
  • the source code
  • all the relationships where the program is involved into

A sample high level report, summarising summed up reccmended stratgies for each application. This information provides the basis for creating a modernization roadmap and creating a corrosponding ROI Forecast.

ICON runs in a client/server architecture on Windows, Linux and UNIX.

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