HTWC - High Technology World Company is a market leading Software and Software services provider specialising in the modernization and re-hosting of mainframe legacy services and applications onto open systems.

HTWC - Company acrivities and attributesMain Activities
• Application Object Mining

• Application Migration & Conversion
• Data and Database modernization

• Platform Re-hosting
Activities offered both as an entire package or standalone services

Company Attributes
• European
• Privately Owned
• Own products and products’ services
• Complementary partner network

The HTWC suite is a complete range of products and tools designed to cover each step of the modernization route.

HTWC’s products were developed in-house over the years, for the engineering of real client solutions, thus reflecting real market requirements.
Our motto beyond the change, emphasizes our philosophy that we see your Mainframe Modernization is part of the bigger picture; part of an IT strategy roadmap, striving towards excellence, agility and cost efficiency, whilst preserving IT assets and business logic.
This is why we have built a suite of products and services, designed to work in tandem just as your modernized IT system will.

From identifying the need, to analyzing your applications, through to achieving some astonishing ROI and agility, having one partner to design, implement, and fulfill your modernization, brings with it many advantages.
The degree of automation in the HTWC product and tool suite, ensure more resource is applied for quality assurance activities and there is minimal disruption to client operations.
HTWC offers one of the strongest re-hosting services and are represented by contracted certified partners in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, South America.