V2R - VSAM file to Relational Database

V2R - VSAM to Relational DatabaseMoving data from VSAM files into Relational Databases makes it easier to integrate other programs and applications to use the same data.
is designed to fulfll this function without requiring any changes to applications.

Data Transformation and target environment definition V2R is equipped with a powerful Analyzer to perform the automated data transformation. The Analyzer collects all the necessary information from copy files and VSAM definitions, allowing V2R to generate a set of import programs for the relational database.
These programs resolve differences between source and target databases, such as data coding, field type, redefines, dirty fields, and more. If necessary, import programs allow you to retain specified fields when moving from an EBCDIC to an ASCII environment, maintaining the same processing sequence.

In this case, conversion of data coding for these fields will take place dynamically, during run-time access. Using information gathered by the Analyzer, V2R automatically generates what is needed to create tables, indexes, and constraints.
This information is stored in a set of tables, allowing easy access by the V2R run-time system along with any additional user processes. V2R makes use of one COBOL/SQL program for each VSAM KSDS file. All these modules are automatically generated during the off-line conversion process, using the information collected by the Data Structure Analyzer, and dynamically loaded at run-time. This modular approach provides the ability to optimize system performance by incorporating information which is not available in the data definition, or to diagnose and fix problems, without affecting other databases.

A key component of V2R is the high-performance transparent gateway, allowing legacy applications seamless access to data in relational structures. Like the entire XFRAME solution set, V2R was designed to minimize application code changes and prevent disruptions to ongoing business.

After the completion of each database access, a return code indicating a positive acknowledgement or the type of a detected error is returned to the requestor. Return codes, supplied by the relational data base system, are translated and made compatible with the original VSAM system and passed back to the user program, in the same way and at the same location.

Batch and Online application execution is performed under the control of the V2R Gateway using the same name as the original application, allowing programs to run with the same list of parameters. Recovery, backup, reorganization, and performance optimization by tables partitioning or other routines, are all provided by the target relational database.

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