HTWC's Business

The Strategic need to Modernize

Mainframe modernization has different drivers; costs reduction, leveraging off new technologies, addressing skills’ shortages. On a higher level, modernization strategies need to be derived from the overall business and subsequent IT strategies.

The big driver is the speedy adaption of organizations to changing internal and external environments

  • Dont wait for hard times to become cost sensitive
  • Shortening product and market lifecycles
  • Traditional competitive landscape is changing frequently more virtualization - One talks of the cloud
  • Conformance to more frequent changes to regulatory requirements
  • Embracing appropriate technologies
  • Faster rate of organizational change Mergers, Acquisitions and virtual partnerships


Modernization with HTWC has helped global organizations to save huge chunks of their IT budgets for investing in business development IT activities as against maintaining status quo. Modernization guarantees a retention of the asset value, whilst breathing new life and agility into the application and the ability to further integrate this.


Saving money equates to shifting budget away from retaining status quo to investing in forward looking IT initiatives.  Take your IT assets into the future, and leave behind the deadwood.


Understanding your application portfolio to know the true cost and value of the systems in place enables educated decisions about current and future needs.

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