IBM CSP/VAG (Cross System Programming) is a fourth generation language (4GL), available on the most diffused IBM platforms, for the development and maintenance of applications. HTWC have expertise and tools for the automatic conversion of CSP applications into well structured, operational COBOL CICS, retaining fully the logic inherent within the CSP applications.
Additionally, CSP Maps are converted to BMS and CSP Records are converted to copy books.

Users of Visual Age Generator (VAG) can also benefit from the same migration process, as long as the VAG application is a 3270 based system.

The "rebuilding" step produces:

•    COBOL sources & copybooks
•    MS maps
•    DCLGEN for RDBMS Tables
•    Record descriptors for VSAM or DL/I
•    ICS configuration tables

Why Convert?

•    Eliminate resource consumption specific to the CSP/VAG applications (License, Maintenance, Compiler, Personnel)
•    Operate applications in a homogenous, open target environment
•    CSP is now out of support – any operational problems may  not be resolvable.
•    Migration to Visual Age Generator is expensive
•    Reduction in Code lines

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