IHK - Industrie und Handelskammer

The IHK (Chamber of Commerce & Industry) is a public organisation whose mission is to integrate local and international businesses and organizations.
Their mission is to support the generation of trade to and from the greater Cologne region. Local businesses are automatically members and can access a major archive and network of resources locally, nationally and internationally to help them to develop their business.
State education and training exam boards are hosted by the IHK and constant measures are used to align regional skill sets with market requirements.

The custom built IBBIS ERP system was developed by the IHK based upon the BS2000 architecture.
The one to one, seamless rehosting of this application to a leaner and more open environment was the key objective of this project.

The project goal was the emulation IBBIS, from a FSC BS2000/OSD environment to Windows Server 2008, on Unisys ES7000 Hardware.

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