FIAT is one of the largest automotive manufacturer in Europe and in top ten producer worldwide.

Fiat S.p.A. is part of automotive, publishing, finance, and metallurgy sector. The company is active as well in the sector of agricultural and construction equipment, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and aeronautics, components, metallurgical products, production systems, services, construction, information technology, publishing and communication, public services, delivering services in economics and financial fields.
Fiat produce more than 2,000,000 vehicles per year.

HTWC approach was focused to reduces the mainframe costs and legacy risks by migrating the applications off the mainframe and re-structuring it using all the modern software tools and capabilities from the set of our disposal.
The project was followed up and performed with a detailed and planned process development that had permitted to distinguish all the regional offices into single sub project. FIAT has decided to make as a first step, from the overall rehosting project, modernizing all the applications cross regions in Europe from z/OS to UNIX.

The process involved all the applications Cobol programs, online and batch, and EASYTRIEVE programs; all the EASYTRIEVE programs have been migrated into Cobol language.
The final cut over was performed in a time scheduled plan bring to realization each subsidiary at the time. Today the rehosted applications continue to exchange data with other applications, still running on Mainframe that allows each different regional application to run with its specific codepage.

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