Platform Modernization

Developments in IT are relentless. Ability to embrace these in alignment with organizational strategy, brings with it major competitive advantages. Mainframe, proprietary applications and IT budget restrictions are often the major barrier to do so. Address this whilst preserving IT assets.
Extremely cost effective, and virtually risk free, platform modernization has emerged as the key methodology gearing up IT organizations to obtain, “what I need, when I need it”, whilst preserving legacy IT investments and business logic.
Platform modernization entails the decoupling of Mainframe applications and databases from the legacy operating systems and resources, and plugging them into open, more efficient and cost effective environments such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and IBM System z.

Traditionally, Reliability Availability and Security (RAS), are key attributes for IT systems hosting mission critical applications. RAS attributes are also quite synonymous with Mainframe computers. 
However, taking a closer, more critical look, RAS is derived from a perspective of outside looking in. “How good is my system?”. Needless to say, our advancing world requires more outward, upward and forward looking perspectives in addition to this; I.e. doing what is right, when it is right, whilst optimizing ROI. Let’s call it RAS 2 – Responsive, Affordable and. Scalable. A very lucrative, yet challenging balance to find.
Platform modernization entails the complex migration of Mainframe applications, services and databases from ageing Mainframe platforms to modern, open and cost effective platforms of Windows, UNIX and Linux.

The modernization entails two key elements:

  • The implementation of a complete middleware for replicating IBM mainframe capable of operation on the open platforms of Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Modernization of applications and databases, enabling to reap the efficiency benefits offered by the modern platform

At HTWC, we boast 30 years experience at conducting a wide range of Platform Modernization projects, and as a result have the most comprehensive suite on the market today.
HTWC platform modernization technology supports the seamless migration from IBM, OS/390, MVS, z/OS, VSE and BS2000 to a wide range of UNIX, Linux, Windows and System z systems. Our architecture guarantees high performances on the UNIX/Linux/Windows/IBM environments, running the mainframe code, and taking full advantage from the modern CPUs, SMP and/or clustered architectures, thus assuring real scalability.

Choosing our solution, customers would benefit of:

  • Significantly lower maintenance and licensing costs.
  • Greater scope to leverage of off the shelf technologies and industry standards - Move away from proprietary.
  • Low risk migration and virtually zero impact on operations.
  • Solution for "mainframe skills shortage" problem.
  • Higher programmers productivity, due to the new and powerful development environments.


  • Most complete Platform modernization solution on the market.
  • Platform modernization part of a complete IT strategy. We look at the big picture.
  • Incredible ROIs and budget benefits.


  • Major cost reductions - up to 80% annual maintenance and licensing costs.
  • Demolition of barriers to further development and integration of off the shelf IT tools.
  • Take the last two points and create a very innovative and therefore competitive IT.

If you want to know something more about our platform rehosting, click here to download the XFRAME whitepaper, or contact us with any further questions.

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