What exactly is Mainframe Modernization?

Modernization is the continuous evolution of IT infrastructure and operations toward a centrally supported framework, enabling upgrades, migrations, new technology introductions and rapid adoption of change with a minimal impact on day-to-day operations and service delivery.

Why Modernize?

  • Up to 80% of IT budgets are tied up in Mainframe maintenance and licensing costs
  • Skills for languages used to write legacy applications becoming extinct and expensive
  • Integration and consolidation of enterprise IT
  • Organizations need to benefit from the large and growing ecosystem of off the shelf applications, in order to remain competitive
  • Maintaining applications and software infrastructure in a legacy environment consumes most of the IT budget and human resources which does not permit for continue growth of the organization
  • Consolidate and align with modern technologies, vast option of scalable and more affordable platformsMaintenance is rather expensive so reducing or eliminating ongoing maintenance and support fees for expensive and proprietary legacy infrastructure can boom the flow of investing into innovation rather than not doing anything
  • Faster optimization of business processes
  • Obtaining less business disruption - business will run more smoothly because reducing duration of IT outages and the frequency
HTWC and our partners avail of a holistic, yet modular solution suite as illustrated below
Product Suite Value Proposition

HTWC Complete Solution for Mainframe Modernization

Application Object Mining
Entails an automatic, thorough top down, bottom up audit of enterprise applications providing the transparency required for making objective strategic decisions for individual applications or the entire suite. Organizations or any IT departments can use different type of methodologies like a complete Application Portfolio Management or a simple discovery that analyzes workload profiles and determines the operating behavior of the current environment.  helps to discover a correct strategic framework that will enable establish main goals, including guideposts for modernization The outcome is a thorough migration plan and ROI forecast

Data and Data Base Modernization
Entails the migration of VSAM and Sequential data, as well as Hierarchical databasees into Relational Databases, whilst retaining 100% the logic, hence requiring ZERO modification to applications.

Application Modernization
Entails the iterative transfer of enterprise applications and databases onto a more efficient environment, culminating in a complete platform re-hosting- Application language Conversion: Means the recreation of applications in more modern, efficient, open and compatible development languages.

Entails the decoupling of Mainframe applications and databases from the legacy operating systems and resources, and plugging them into open, more efficient environments such as Windows, UNIX and Linux.