Distribution Partners

Distribution partners of HTWC are Migration specialist, whose core business is the sale of modernization products and fulfilment services. 

They will resell HTWC licensed products and their own services and support. 
The duties of distribution partners are:

Sales (strong relationships with affiliate partners are expected), Fulfilment, Service, Staff training and Contribution to product roadmap.

A carefully designed Partner Benefit Program offers channel partners access to favourable conditions and a tight knit network of global players and is also designed to bring distribution and affiliate partners closer together.

Distribution Partner Benefit:

  • Addition of a unique product line and service to partners portfolios
  • Excellent resell margins and operational IRRs
  • Fast growing market with high entry barriers for competitors
  • Benefit from our knowledge sharing forums exclusive to all our partners through direct or indirect exchanges. 
Ability to exchange ideas, talent, technology, clients, and vision with a dedicated support group.
  • Create long term relationships with clients
  • Improved mutual brand positioning

Here a list of our Distribution Partners

Easirun logo

EASIRUN - EasiRun Europa GmbH is a leading provider of proven technology base solutions coupled with innovative and pioneering modernization solutions. Primary objective of EasiRun is to enable customers to increase business value and maintain competitive advantage by maximizing the potential of existing applications at the same time reducing costs and risks.

EasiRun has set itself the task to bring the IT of their customers strategically and economically into the optimal position. IT modernization is strategy and process - keeping the existing, staying independent and being prepared for the challenges of the future.

FSC FSC - Finland Service Center is an IT service company specializing in the migration and conversion of data systems and applications . As their name suggests, they also offer data system support: maintenance, problem tracking and resolution, software installations, and other support tasks. Training for data system users is a significant part of their range of services.

Interon - INTERON is active on the Brazilian market almost for 30 years. Its history started in 1975, with the foundation of the Escom Informatica, Company of System and Computers, a proper business in the area of computer science where the principal focus was services.

Next iT - Is a mainframe modernization specialist based in Israel. Next IT is specialized in migration and rehosting of legacy applications toward Open Systems of Windows, UNIX and Linux. Its team is skilled in legacy migration with many years experience and with a very close knowledge of the local legacy systems market. For the past 10 years, the company and its specialist group were involved in almost all the migration projects in Israel and were exposed to all the available migration technologies and methodologies.

Speedware - Is a leading provider of legacy modernization and migration solutions, application portfolio management, business intelligence tools and application development solutions. Over the last 30 years, Speedware has become a global company that has diversified its portfolio of solutions to align with the trends of the IT industry. Speedware offers market leaders end-to-end solutions that allow them to react quickly to the needs of a changing business.

Telebig - Company created in 1983, is a software house, which carries high level competencies and long standing experience in the fields of Migration, Reverse Engineering, Re-engineering, Modernization, Renovation and SOA Integration of Legacy systems, and generally in the area of Legacy Life Cycle Management. It is also thoroughly involved in strategic Development and Maintenance projects, like for instance in Tax Free Reimbursement Engineering.

Formula OpenSoft

Formula OpenSoft is a leading distributor of software tools on Mainframe, Unix and PC platforms. Formula has for MANY YEARS been providing solutions and products for legacy mainframe systems that are unique in the mainframe environment. Through Formula, HTWC has expanded not only its market reach into the Benelux countries, but has added a proven expert in Mainframe technology to its fulfillment Eco system. Formula specialized in sourcing best of breed technologies, and creating an unique offering encompassing every aspect of managing, maintaining and modernizing legacy mainframe artifacts