HTWC application conversion service toolkit map maps each Easytrieve instruction set to a corresponding fragment of COBOL code. The Eastrieve objects are mapped to COBOL variables, thus achieving a complete recreation of the Easytrieve application logic in COBOL, whilst  preserving the significant investment made in the application and process development. The obtained COBOL source is properly structured, and easily readable and maintainable whilst preserving the programming logic of the EASYTRIEVE one.

All the common report's properties are supported and automatically converted into COBOL logic processes, and multi-reports programs are supported as well.

Accesses to DB2, VSAM and DL/I are supported by EZT2COB.

Why Convert?

•    Dwindling number of expensive programmers
•    Contribute to the consolidation of applications, thus eliminating extra overhead specific to Easytrieve
•    Eliminates prohibitive Easytrieve license and maintenance costs
•    Makes application enhancement easier
•    Provides cost-effective migration

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