Language Conversion

Application consolidation - The functionality of, and knowledge within, legacy applications have outlived the technology and environments within which they have been continuously developed. 

Automatic language conversion preserves the asset value AND addresses the following issues;

  • Cost: Legacy language licenses and maintenance are typically expensive.
  • Agility: Supporting older technologies leads to difficulties in the further development of the applications and the integration of third party off the shelf features and applications.
  • Resources availability: Staff qualified to maintain and develop legacy languages are nearing retirement age
  • Asset Value:  is not only retained, but enhanced. There is an immediate value increase

Languages converted:

The HTWC 2Change language conversion services enables you to consolidate diverse and aging legacy applications into COBOL 2 while keeping your core application logic generating easy-to-read code with no residual runtimes. The resulting code base is typically cleaner, more reliable than hand-generated code, and is error free

Platform migration matrix:


•    Low Risk as post migration testing can be conducted in to 100% simulate the environment
•    Low Cost solution when compared to a full re-write
•    Less vulnerability to lack of as kill set availability.

•    Immediate cost savings
•    Modern, homogenous environment
•    Abundance of qualified personnel

click here  to download the 2Change brochure, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any further questions about HTWC's languages conversion service.