PL/I was developed by IBM as part of the development of System/360 in the mid 1960s – almost 50 years ago. It was mainly used for business data processing, and also for more general programming use throughout the 1970s. Today there are still many applications relying on PL/I.

Using the PL/I conversion tool we can automatically translate PL/I programs coming from IBM and UNIX environments to native COBOL II , preserving all the business logic inherent within. The conversion process is highly customizable, in order to let the user choose the template of resulting COBOL programs. A small set of run-time functions are provided to the user, supplying also its sources.

CICS, DB2 and DL/I are supported.

Why Convert?

  • Obsolescence of support and original developers no longer available
  • Eliminates prohibitive PL/I license and maintenance costs
  • Makes application enhancement easier
  • Easier to modify, whilst completely preserving the business logic inherent
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