Project Managment

Our slogan beyond the change reflects our philosophy and that of our partners; good products only become great when complemented by first class project management and a seamless, co-ordinated service. Our closely integreated operations team is structured into two main areas; Project Management and our three tiered Client and Partner Competence Centre.

Project Management

Being a software vendor with the experience of 300 migration projects to date, HTWC has developed a standard project methodology for our partners, complemented by a certification process.
Our projects are typically divided into 5 main phases with validation loops, irrespective of scope and scale of each project.
Please note, a large degree of the main activities are automatic, so we allocate a majority of the project time for testing to achieve uncompromising quality results.


  • Assessment: This is the stage where we conduct a complete audit of the application environment down to a required level of detail.

â—¦ Output: A very transparent inventory of the application landscape, a strategy for each application, and subsequent detailed migration roadmap.

  • Source Migration: Automatic tools and stringent methodologies are used for the extraction of source applications and databases into an environment hosted by HTWC. These are then subsequently converted accordingly and implemented into the target environmnt.

â—¦ Output: Applications and databases in their new format and a thorough system's test.

  • System Unit Test: Entails the technical functionality test of applications and new platform. Issues such as technical bugs are detected here, and addressed accordingly.

â—¦ Output: A certification of technical functionality

  • Application Test: As we are dealing with mission critical applications, a large amount of the project duration is invested in leaving no stone unturned to ensure organizational applications and database perform at the very least, as efficiently and correctly as they did prior.

â—¦ Output: A certification of logical functionality.

  • Go Live: This phase is not just a hand over to our service team, but involves the retention of the responsibility of the live system within the project management area during the initial stages of live operations.

â—¦ Output: An official handover and signing of commissioning documents by HTWC project, HTWC Service and Client IT management.

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