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Rome, 26/03/2013


NEW! Release 4.9.8 of XFRAME has been recently deployed.

Partners and developers cand find it under our internal repository (registered users only).

You will find the installation packages for all the currently supported platforms and under the sub-directory "manuals", an updated version of the documentation of the products both in HTML and PDF formats.

Rome, 18/03/2013

Release 4.9.7 of XFRAME has been deployed.


Rome, 05/04/2011


ROME, Italy and Usingen, Germany
Bringing the HTWC ASESSMENT AND LEGACY MIGRATION & MODERNIZATION solutions to the Central European’ region.
HTWC and EasiRun Europa GmbH are pleased to announce the signing of their agreement to distribute Mainframe MIGRATION & MODERNIZATION products, service and support throughout the Central European region.
This agreement is born of the HTWC strategy to expand its coverage, delivering holistic Mainframe modernization solutions through the selection of commercially minded, technically astute partners serving regions local to the partners.
EasiRun will offer Mainframe shops throughout central Europe first class consultation and delivery in getting the best out of a wide range of Mainframe environments.
Clients will benefit from the wide range of features and functionalities inherent within the HTWC modernization suite, whilst EasiRun has a long proven history in the delivery of bespoke software solutions designed to help organizations reap the maximum benefit from their legacy investments.

XFRAME is the most complete Online & Batch Runtime Environment of z/OS, VSE and BS2000 on Linux, UNIX, Windows and zLinux for production and development/test environments.
Effectively, XFRAME recreates the Mainframe environment, and enables the decoupling of applications from their legacy operating environment and plugging these into leaner, more efficient, therefore cost effective operating systems and hardware. This results in significantly lower license, maintenance costs, generally with 8-12 month payback periods.
EasiRun works very closely with their clients, designing and implementing holistic modernization strategies which suit their business, environment and legacy assets."In many cases, we see platform modernization both as the ideal solution and as a major complementary step towards legacy modernization". Don Fitzgerald, Managing Director EasiRun Europa GmbH

Adding, "HTWC technically and culturally is a perfect fit, and we are very excited to take this range of products and services to our clientele" Mr. Fitzgerald demonstrated the collective optimism going forward.
"Our commitment to EasiRun is coupled with our commitment to customers; to offer a compelling Mainframe Modernization solution that improves the business value of enterprise applications by embracing the asset value inherent within. EasiRun complements our technical expertise and shares our client centric approach". Karl Kaempfner, HTWC Business Development Director, Central Europe and Nordics.


Rome, 26/11/2010

Support for COBOL-IT compiler and runtime have been added both on Linux, Unix and Windows 2003/2008

Philosophy - The product suites of HTWC and COBOL IT have evolved over many years of working closely with clients, engineering to order their requirements, delivering what the client needs, when they need it. In recognizing that our market requires high levels of customization versus turnkey solutions, we have developed software, tools and methodologies which enable the creation of solutions to fit our clients needs as against implementing over specified and thus over priced solutions characterized by redundant, yet costly features.

Experience - HTWC and COBOL-IT share many years experience on our common market place with both organizations enjoying open and constructive technical and commercial knowledge exchange forums. Our new relationship will bring our people closer together, working on more innovative models and technologies, designed to continuously improved our ability to bring cost effective, custom solutions to our clients.

The Future - Knowing our clients, knowing our partners and knowing our associates, HTWC and COBOL-IT are looking forward to reaping the benefits of a lot of ground-work which has been invested into our partnership and our expansion plan. We follow the motto "Success Breeds Success", knowing that only through first class delivery, of "Fit For Purpose" products and solutions, can our common aspirations be realized.


Rome, 26/01/2010

Support for COBOL-IT compiler and runtime have been added both on Linux, Unix and Windows 2003/2008

XFRAME actually supports only the following COBOL-IT product release:

  • Unix/Linux/Windows : 2.4.7

Support for CSP has been added but, only for COBOL-IT. A specific implementation was built for this purpose. It is currently running in a production environment for a customer of ours (AHOLD project in Nederland).


May 12, 2010

The City of Montpellier has migrated all its IBM Mainframe applications

HTWC' s partner TELEBIG, a leading provider of legacy migration (Legacy), is proud to announce the highly successful migration of all legacy applications of the City of Montpellier (8th largest city in France) on April 30, 2010, from the IBM z/OS platform to a Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server infrastructure through the use of the HTWC XFRAME suite. The applications of the City of Montpellier have been developed over several decades around the IBM Mainframe, COBOL with DB2 database.


January 11th 2010

Cologne Chamber of Industry & Commerce move from BS2000 to Windows 2008

HTWC, the solution's provider of a broad range of Modernization and re-hosting products and services for a wide variety of Mainframe systems, announced the successful re-hosting of Mainframe applications and databases from BS2000 to Windows 2008 and SQL for the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Like many IT organizations, the IHK IT was facing challenges; Challenges to provide the services to address increasing business needs, legacy barriers to development, and of course challenges to address license and maintenance costs.