DatanovataTM - Archive Retrieval

Easy access to archived data

According to Gartner, successful legacy modernization roadmaps initiate with the rationalization of application artifacts which do little more than consume valuable computing and personnel resources. This invariably paves the way for the archiving of data. The problem is, how do users get at this data in a swift and easy manner, as and when they need it.

DatanovataTM is a revolutionary new tool from HTWC that gives your end-users immediate access to archived data as and when needed.

Within minutes, DatanovataTM will generate a feature-rich, web-enabled application for any relational database, providing powerful, secure data retrieval and a host of facilities to tailor your users' access to that data.

This enables the easy retrieval of archived data, thus completing the picture of any rationalization activities.


DatanovataTM parses the metadata and creates a repository about of the structure and content. The application developer uses this repository to enable the users to create intuitive web based applications, which enable the retrieval of data as and when it’s needed without the creation and management of complex queries & scripts.  

The application builder includes security features so a whole range of rights’ usage can be identified.  In particular, "Read Only Access" settings, ensures no modifications to archived data are possible.

DatanovataTM applications will therefore effectively replace the enquiry facilities of any application normally used to access this data should it need to be decommissioned for any reason.

The DatanovataTM built application's interface is designed with the end-user in mind. It requires no technical expertise and is specifically designed to enable easy retrieval and navigation of the data.

As the application follows logical paths and relationships of the data not necessarily utilised by the original application, it may also be a powerful forensic tool for the detection of fraud.


  • Cost Effective way of accessing archived data
  • Maintains a consistent data access standard with minimal administrative effort
  • Easy integration in standard or ad-hoc reporting requirements
  • Enables the purging of data in accordance with requirements

Key Features

  • Portable – Written in Java, supports virtually every development environment
  • Web based client – Server is accessible for remote locations..
  • Future proof:  Depending on the nature of your business, you may be obliged by law to retain access to your non-current data for many years – in some cases, effectively forever. It is obviously important that the chosen access mechanisms are as resilient to future developments as possible.
  • Simple To Install, Simple To Use: The intuitive and feature-rich interface of a created application includes comprehensive navigation and window management controls making its operation simple. Views of the data can be bookmarked for future access. Users can be given permissions to configure their environment, from window sizes and table layouts to field selection and positioning. All views can also be transformed into a spreadsheet or HTML document.
  • Powerful: An out-of-the-box DatanovataTM application already allows navigation through the data hierarchy. Information can be viewed in the context of relationships, enabling drill down and traverse of data. On-line facilities enable supervisors to DatanovataTM views of data for groups of users.
  • Secure: All communication with the database is securely handled by the web server using the https protocol.
  • Flexible: A security system includes row-level data security and data security roles and rules can be configured by administrators using the on-line interface. This ensures access is restricted as appropriate.
  • Extendable: DatanovataTM application can be tailored and extended to suit precise requirements. Customisation options range from on-line design and simple DatanovataTM Scripts all the way to Java coding.