Legacy Application Consulting

The Mainframe Conundrum

Mainframe applications remain indispensable for many organizations across all industries.

They contain decades of business logic and intellectual property that is integral to how businesses operate. It is estimated that the value of the legacy applications running on Mainframes are valued at 2Trillion USD and cost above 60 Billion USD to license and maintain. So where's the conundrum?

  • Very high license and maintenance budgets


Too valuable to obsolete

  • Generations of key business, differentiating logic


Impossible to replace

  • Ageing, in some cases obsolete and isolated technologies


Dwindling availability of qualified staff and few integration options

  • More for less - Business require more


Increase in requirements = Increase in costs

  • Reliable, Available Serviceable and Scalable hardware


Enterprise class open systems based on RISC and x86 platforms

Is the word legacy often synonymous with "we can't do it"?

Today's Business IT leaders need to reposition the mainframe as an enabler to meeting business goals by delivering rapid, low cost, and low risk ways of solving business challenges using their existing mainframe applications. The good news is there is now a myriad of approached possible, the bad news is there is no "one fits all" strategy... Mainframe shops need to develop micro strategies for their Mainframe artifacts.

  1. Conduct a business specific analysis of each application and score its importance to the business
  2. Conduct an inventory to determine complexity, level of customization and approximate cost analysis
  3. Identify what is holding you back
  4. Develop an application specific strategy with some quick wins - Focus on Short-Term, High-Value Opportunities

There are a lot of seller centric advocates of Do or Don'ts... it is never black & white and there are always a multitude of dimensions which need to be considered.

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