Regione autonoma della Sardegna

One of 20, first-level administrative divisions of the state, responsible for the Sardinia region. Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna is responsible for the administration of 24,090 km2 and 1,66M inhabitants.
The project entailed the Migration of two large, key applications (Property Mortgages and Pharmaceutical Subventions) from the IBM OS390 to the z Series 2086-220

DL1 tables have been migrated to an Oracle database. COBOL programs have been modified in order to work with Oracle. CICS has been replaced by XCICS/TS (XFRAME), which fully supports all the communication methods required by the application.

The XCICS/TS BMS interface replicates the exact same actions of the CICS’ one, so no code change has been required to migrate the user interface.
CICS CWI interfaces programs and templates have been migrated to the new environment. Mantis calls towards CICS have been migrated on XCICS.
VSAM files and have been converted into XVSAM files.
A high depth customized conversion process has been applied to the JCL conversion according to its constraints.

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