AS400 Modernization Solution

Migrating iSeries RPG and COBOL applications  & Data to Java and J2EE will reduce maintenence and development costs, increase development flexibility and enable inter-operability, whilst preserving investments made to date

AS400 Modernization Solution

HTWC provides AS/400 application modernization solutions that have been specifically designed to transform existing applications and data into the latest modern application architectures of Java/J2EE.

Why Migrate to Java?
  • ISVs offer state of the art applications to their clients and client end users
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership through the abundance of Java developers
  • Increase agility through shorter development times achieved with the object driven model
  • Greater integration possibilities with Mobile and Cloud
  • Modern screens increase user efficiency and improves user experience
The HTWC suite offers the following
  • Thorough application assessment
  • Automatic conversion to java - Big bang or step by step
  • Feature rich Web and GUI interfaces. Process driven screen modernization conforming to corporate identity
  • Technology transition - old and new worlds can work with the code
Java developers are familiar with the structure of classes and methods, therefore adapting very quickly to the business logic. Integration of third party applications through the use of modern interfacing protocols provides the key to Independence after the RPG/COBOL-based systems have been converted to Java.
They will run using existing industry standards, regardless of Hardware, Operating System or Database. You will have your familiar application running on the Web or on a client- server architecture, with total platform independence.

HTWC performs a complete systems audit and translates the applications code to 100% pure Java with total reliability, whatever its orientation, and without any type of limitation.
Data access is obtained through the JDBC standard; in this way the migrated applications may continue to use DB2/400 as a data base manager or use other market options such as Oracle or SQL Server.

The translated systems are immediately usable and since they keep the exact same functionality (and optionally the same user interface), they require neither user training, nor modification of organisational procedures.
 Once converted, the applications may be run in a client-server architecture or on the Internet with n-layer architecture.

Any modern operating system supporting JVM (Java Virtual Machine) may be used: Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, OS/400, etc.
The user interface of the translated applications may optionally be personalized according to preference or requirements of use.
In addition, translated systems may easily be integrated with any other system based on open architecture.

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