After moving their larger applications, Yale New Haven had a small number of applications and databases still left running on their IBM mainframe. It made no sense to maintain a large and expensive mainframe just for these technologies so Yale decided to re-host them on a Microsoft Windows platform.

In their drive to reduce IT operation costs, Yale New Haven Health System decided to move two large applications from heir IBM mainframe system to a third-party outsourcing facility. Following this move, a collection of small, unconnected database files and programs were the only technologies left running on Yale's mainframe server. In order to shut down their mainframe completely, they needed to migrate these batch processing programs to another, less expensive platform. As Yale New Haven investigated different hardware and platform options, their choices were guided by price, technology and the type of experience shared by their in-house resources.

The Solution
The programs still residing on Yale's mainframe were written in COBOL and JCL.
Speedware converted the code within four weeks using XFRAME software, a re-hosting solution for mainframe modernization. By using an automated suite of tools, Speedware completed the migration quickly, at a fraction of the cost, with no compromises in speed or system integrity. The COBOL to OpenCOBOL conversion was easy and seamless with 99% of the code migrated directly from the XFRAME product. The JCL migration to Windows Javascript was also fully automated and required no manual intervention.


  • Cost reductions
  • 50% to 70% increase in performance
  • Superior business agility
  • Enhanced access to data and reporting
  • Quicker response to business requirements
  • Technology consolidation
  • Improved maintainability and integration

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