Global Consulting

Mainframe modernization opens up Mainframe shops to a whole new ecosystem of products and solutions from various vendors and solution providers.

HTWC Global Consulting Partners are organisations organizations focusing on providing holistic, strategic solutions to organizations, key components of which are the Modernization products and services of HTWC.

Strategic partners have a clear understanding of the holistic needs of their clients, and plan their IT roadmaps over several year timeframes. Experience has shown, it is vital to include the modernization element in the strategic planning as this enables seamless transitions and generates the budgets required.
As a Business Strategic Partner, HTWC and partner company will work most closely in all aspects of partner relationship to get understanding of products, costing and support model. Together, we combine our technologies in a way that offers customers holistic solutions with hardware and/or software companies that offer solutions which complement various platforms.

HTWC and our growing portfolio of channel partners offer the in-depth expertise for any consultation required.
 The Main benefit for our Global Partners is the ability to offer their clients a measured transition from legacy to new world technologies, pursuing many different strategies including.

Following is a snapshot of our current Global consulting portfolio.

VeryantVeryant was born in Italy in 2005, opening a window on service innovation, ferrying companies over to new opportunities for the development of COBOL applications. With isCOBOL, Veryant is an authoritative company with a substantial distribution network worldwide. Today, Veryant is relentlessly expanding and evolving company, with a substantial range of products and services for businesses.

Reply - PNG

Reply - Reply is a company that specialises in Consulting, Systems Integration and Digital Services with a focus on the conception, design and implementation of solutions based on the new communication channels and digital media. Reply partners with key industrial groups in defining and developing business models made possible by the new technological and communication paradigms such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Communication, the Internet of Things and Mobile and Social Networking

Accenture - Many organizations have accumulated technology that impedes business productivity and flexibility. According to Accenture research, more than half of all business applications are between 5 and 20 years old. Accenture can help clients obtain more value out of existing investments by re-platforming, decommissioning, remediating, and reverse engineering existing or legacy technologies and applications. The result is increased stability and flexibility, decreased cost, and an extended life of current IT assets


Gartner Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Gartner deliver the technology-related insight necessary for clients to make the right decisions, every day. From CIOs and senior IT leaders in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to technology investors, they are the valuable partner to 60,000 clients in 10,800 distinct organizations.


HTWC is Member of Platform Modernization Alliance which is a group of companies that are working together to help customers migrate workloads off of the mainframe and onto the Microsoft platform. The Alliance represents a group of companies that have their interests aligned in making legacy modernization easier and more efficient for customers.