Partnership With HTWC
Functioning partnerships are fundamental for growing business across markets and regions. The combination of complementary skills, creates added value, designed to satisfy customer needs. This is central to our approach. Partnerships are about, helping each other to identify opportunities, improving quality of services, reducing costs and time in delivering solutions.

Become an HTWC partnerOur success means also success for our partners

For HTWC partnership are ideal setting for combining different competencies, resources, and experiences. The added value comes while cooperating with technology partners exploring additional technology and approaches and considering the bigger picture whilst integrating new solutions within the mainframe market.

At HTWC, our core competencies is centred around the development and fulfillment of custom modernization solutions for our clients, based upon multi platform and application modernization products and tools. One of our main Unique Selling Points (USPs) is the holistic nature of our product and tool suite. Holistic in the sense of the range of Mainframe services that we modernize, and the number of source and target platforms supported.
Increasing our exposure across geographies is our next step. This is being achieved through the creation of a business development and fulfillment network of partners. Where we have developed the ability to create synergies of complementary products and services, and incurrence of costs only when necessary.
Ideal conditions have been created, like:

  • A complete mix of the required competencies, skills' sets and resources to fulfill what our clients require, when they require it
  • An impressive collective knowledge base into which our partners and clients can tap
  • A business cooperation where mutual investments are being made to ensure our technology, that match to the correct strategy for our partners
  • As well as optimizing your IT, we optimize our performance

The benefits for the Partners of Rehosting & Conversion Partnership Program (RCPP) are

  • Addition of a key solution and service to your portfolio. It is a win win solution
  • Address new segments of the market by means of HTWC products & technology
  • Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of re-hosting and conversion activities, on both sale and technical aspect
  • Open up the aftermarket for subsequent products and services
  • Benefit from our knowledge sharing forums exclusive to all our partners through direct or indirect exchanges. Of course, all confidential information is treated as such
  • Create long term relationships with your clients
  • Partner Benefit Program, which gives you access to special conditions, which improve as quantities grow

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