HTWC Consulting Service

Understanding the big picture is a key pre-requisite in achieving the objectives of each step of the way.
We at HTWC are pioneers in the modernization of Legacy applications and platforms, not for the sake of modernization per say, but for the creation of an environment fully equipped for the implementation of a competitive IT strategy.
We customize our projects not around what we want to sell you, but what you need in order to achieve the desired levels of agility within your IT.

Mainframe MIPS and Costs are on the rise

It is predicted that many Mainframe shops are facing upwards of 30% annual cost increases in the coming years due to increases in MIPS consumption. Together with HTWC and its assessment tools, organizations can fine tune their environments to address this, preventing costs from spiraling whilst discovering areas where costs can be reduced. All this without actually engaging in full scale project activities.

Since the 1980s, HTWC has been addressing many technical and commercial challenges of client organizations. The projects addressed have been large and small, and as testimony to our success, much of our clientele is repeat business, clients looking to iteratively address unnecessary costs without rolling out into full scale re-platforming projects.

Mainframe MIPS and Costs are on the rise

The HTWC consulting arm, guides client shops through the murky waters of complex environments and hidden costs. Our consultants are equipped with the tools to shine a light through the Mainframe environment, identifying excess, surplus and over complex artifacts.

Our approach entails system fine tuning and where appropriate, the offloading of workload onto a fully integrated and compatible Mainframe emulator

In several of our ongoing success cases, we have created a cost effective Mainframe emulation in an open environment, fully integrated with the legacy Mainframe. Due to the scalability, workload can be easily migrated as and when the need arises, all the while remaining completely compatible with the entire legacy environment. The corresponding power usage costs equate to about 20% of those on the Mainframe.

Non intrusive, immediate value add

At the very least, we provide a comprehensive documentation of the environment, and a conceptual roadmap for the shedding of unnecessary costs. Organizations will have a clear insight into exactly what is ticking within their Mainframes and how they can at their own pace and scale, address the threat of spiraling costs, with a view to reducing costs over time.

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