AUDI AG surely needs no introduction. For over 100 years, AUDI is one of the pillers of the German car industry, epitomizing the "Made in Germany"reputation which was famously exploited in AUDI's extremely effective Vorsprung durch Technik slogan and subsequent publicity campaigns.
A subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, AUDI AG has a very interesting and long history of expansion, growth and integration. With approximately 55000 direct employees, several subsidiaries, 6 international production facilities, as well as hugely impressive supply chains and distribution channels, AUDI AG is one of the largest and most significant global enterprises in operation today.
Over this time of course, the growth has also been supported by the growth in terms of infrastructure, organizational expansion, resources and tools. This entails the growth and expansion of the IT infrastructure and applications.

The organic expansion and growth of its IT, this has resulted in a somewhat complex myriad of some 240 applications, and countless databases. This in turn has resulted in a high level of rigidity, sub-optimal performance of applications and staff, along with unnecessary costs.
The time has come to take stock, shed excessive costs and development barriers, and take the current IT assets to the next level, making it a major contributor towards the realization of organizational strategy. The solution is to decommission, reengineer or re-host applications and databases where appropriate, thus creating a leaner, more agile and cost effective IT.
The challenge is to know where to apply the appropriate strategy.

With help of the HWTC Application Data Mining technology, and methodologies, organizations have a partner with whom multi dimensional analysis of application and database data can be conducted, contributing to a very clear picture of the behavior, usage, dependencies, and interdependencies of each application. This is the basis for an objective application modernization roadmap.

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