The HTWC Modernization Suite is a complete range of products and tools designed to cover each step of the modernization route.
Our motto "beyond the change", emphasizes our philosophy that we see your modernization is part of the bigger picture; part of an IT strategy roadmap, striving towards excellence, agility and cost efficiency, whilst preserving IT assets and business logic.
This is why we have built a suite of products and services, designed to work in tandem just as your modernized IT system will.
From identifying the need, to analyzing your applications, through to achieving some astonishing ROI and agility, having one partner to design, implement, and fulfill your modernization, brings with it many advantages.
Read about our product suite and convince yourself that we are with you every step of the way.

XFRAME SoftwareXFRAME is a software designed and developed by HTWC. XFRAME represents the most complete Online & Batch Runtime Environment of z/OS, VSE and BS2000 on Linux, UNIX, Windows and zLinux for production and development/test environments. Go to XFRAME Platform Modernization Suite page

H2R - Hierarchical to Relational SoftwareH2R (Hierarchical to relational) is a tool used for the automatic migration of hierarchical data from hierarchical data structures such as IMS/DB to RDBMS such as SQL, DB2 and Oracle without any changes to applications or business logic. Go to H2R page

V2R - VSAM to Relational SoftwareV2R (VSAM to relational) is a tool used for the automatic migration of VSAM data  from VSAM data structures to RDBMS such as SQL, DB2 and Oracle, without any changes to the  applications or business logic. Go to V2R page

ICON Software Understanding StudioICON - Application Object Mining is a software discovery product which allow organizations to automatically gather and analyze data about legacy applications. ICON entails powerful automatic procedures designed to drill down into applications, and provide application transparency needed as a pre-requisite for drafting application strategies such as Replace, Retire, Re-engineer, Retain or Re-Host. Also ICON enables users to estimate software complexity, and evaluate the Application. Go to ICON page

2Change Software2CHANGE - Refurbishing your applications
Tool based services used for the automatic error free transformation of application and data assets . HTWC and our Partners avail of a comprehensive suite of tools and processes specializing bringing the 2Change service package to our clients and partners. Click here to read more about application modernization.