Organizational Structure

Management and Strategic business development

With a well balanced executive team of technically and commercially astute experienced individuals, HTWC has a very clearly defined product and business development strategy, delivering long term and sustainable business benefits to clients, partners and shareholders.
Our motto beyond the change emphasizing our long term thinking in providing top class products and services throughout the product life cycle, leading clients to the next stage.

Sales and Partnerships

Our established team of international sales' executives consists of professionals, each boasting many years experience consulting major international organizations on their IT strategies and solutions.

Together, with the centrally managed Partner and channel development organizations, the HTWC sales and business development organization is on the road towards establishing HTWC as the number one world specialist in Mainframe Modernization

R & D and Operations

Pioneers of Mainframe re-hosting, one of the pillars of HTWC's success has always been its technological leadership. HTWC boasts the industry's most comprehensive modernization suite, entailing end to end modernization products and tools, a holistic suite of Mainframe elements and the largest collection of source and target operating systems. We are ahead, and we aim to stay ahead.

We also recognize that a great product only achieves excellence through a meticulous implementation and a dedicated first and second level service.

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