Marposs is a global manufacturer of precision metrology equipment and tools, used for improving manufacturing performances and agility, whist reducing manufacturing costs.

With 22 subsidiaries and a partner network covering an additional 10 regions, key to the success of Marposs is not only the high quality of products, but also a very lean yet highly available manufacture to order (MTO) operation. At the heart of this operation is a carefully customized Copics' MRP application, consisting of production, inventory and logistics' modules as well as peripheral administration modules. An integral part of their MTO operation, yet operating in a different IT environment, is the CAD/CAM application.

Over the course of several years, Marposs has examined possibilities to achieve greater integration of the CAD/CAM environment, to reduce overall IT infrastructure costs.
In 2009 a re-hosting project was abandoned as it became clear that the system performance diminished to unacceptable levels, in some cases up-to 100 times worse than previously. Upon analysis, it was determined that this could be traced back to the inability of the migration tools to orchestrate the highly customized MRP application with its new environment.

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