A large amount of applications implemented in 1970s and 1980s use the assembler low level programming technology.  Several generations of improvements to CPU power and a myriad of efficient compilers, have seen a close to obsolescence of Assembler in mainstream application development for many years.  So much so there is an acute shortage of qualified Assembler programmers and integration products are as good as non existence. 

Having assembler somewhere within legacy artifacts is often compared to a timebomb, and responsible managers are being urged to consider the conversion of Assembler to more conventional environments.
A large part of the HTWC roots lay in Assembler conversion, deeming HTWC one of the major experts in converting Assembler applications

HTWC Assembler to COBOLConversion Services solves this problem by transforming assembler applications to native COBOL providing an elegent solution to a burning issue. The tool maps each Assembler instruction to a corresponding fragment of COBOL code and are written in SPL (Source Code Processing Language).
Registers, flags, and storage are mapped to COBOL variables that together recreate the source structure in a COBOL architecture.
The functionality of the original Assembler program is completely preserved during the Assembler to COBOL conversion.

Why Convert?

•    Represents serious risk to organizations unless they have at hand personnel to address issues arising
•    Very expensive to maintain and virtually impossible to develop
•    Very cumbersome and difficult to integrate
•    Our 100% success rate, huge amounts of experience and mature tooling deems HTWC a virtually risk free conversion partner.


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