HTWC News - May 2012
Automatic CSP/VAG to COBOL Conversion

HTWC with its partners, offer their clients a menu of platform modernization options enabling step by step or big bang platform modernizations, all designed to set clients off on the modernization of their legacy modernization roadmaps, whilst preserving the value of their investment to date.

Services range from consolidation of technologies on the mainframe, integration of applications and data, through to re-hosting applications and data to enterprise class, open environments. All the while, a key element is focuses on the preservation of investments.

Where HTWC offers a full suite of utilities, clients may also benefit from our experience at integrating their on board utilities in the target open environment

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Is the word legacy often synonymous with “we can’t do it”?

Mainframe applications remain indispensable for many organizations across all industries. They contain decades of business logic and intellectual property that is integral to how businesses operate. It is estimated that the value of the legacy applications running on Mainframes are valued at 2Trillion USD and cost above 60 Billion USD to license and maintain.

So where’s the conundrum?

There are a lot of seller centric advocates of Do or Don’t…it is never black & white and there are always a multitude of dimensions which need to be considered.

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Automatic PL/1 to COBOL Conversion

PL/I was developed by IBM as part of the development of System/360 in the mid 1960s – almost 50 years ago. It was mainly used for business data processing, and also for more general programming use throughout the 1970s. Today there are still many applications relying on PL/I, hence reliant on ONE COMPILER.

Using the PL/I conversion tool we can automatically translate PL/I programs coming from IBM and UNIX environments to native COBOL II, preserving all the business logic inherent within. The conversion process is highly customizable, in order to let the user choose the template of resulting COBOL programs.

Advantages are the availability of COBOL compilers and the portability of this COBOL. Also, many of our clients use this as a first step in the modernization of their application

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